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Someone I Know Has Been Charged


  • The First Meeting Is Always Free

    Do I Need To Bring Anything To Our Meeting?

    During our first meeting it is important that you bring:

    • Identification (driver’s licence, passport or health card)
    • Release papers such as a Promise to Appear or a Summons with your Court date
    • A legal aid certificate (if you have one)

    What Will We Discuss In This Meeting?

    This will give me the opportunity to explain what you’re being charged with and what it means for you personally. It will also allow me to explain how your case will progress through the criminal court system and give you the chance to ask any and all questions you may have at this point in time.

    How “Free” is this First Free Meeting?

    Completely Free. The first meeting gives us both a chance to meet and learn more about your case before you decide on the right lawyer to represent you in court.

  • Accepted Payments

    Mr. Russon accepts payments by Cash, Cheque, or Online Money Transfer. In certain cases, legal aid certificates will be accepted.

  • My Court Dates

    What Can I Expect On My First Court Date?

    Many people believe this is your trial. That is not true; your first court date is mostly for administrative purposes. If you’re not present for this date or any other dates, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you retain Bobby Russon however, he will attend most court dates for you.

    Should I come early?

    You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your appearance, being late is a terrible way to begin any legal proceeding, and this will give us the opportunity to discuss our steps moving forward.

    When is My Trial?

    The trial dates are set by the Ontario courts, which are based on the court’s availability and means that times can differ quite greatly. During this process we will be in contact regularly and I will be able to inform you well in advance of your trial date.

  • Where Are The Court Houses Located?

    In Windsor

    The Ontario Court of Justice is located at 200 Chatham St. in Windsor, Ontario located in the same building as Windsor Police Headquarters. 

    The Superior Court of Justice is located 245 Windsor Avenue in Windsor, Ontario. Across the street from the Ontario Court of Justice.

    *Parking Available

    In Chatham

    The Chatham-Kent Court House is located at 425 Grand Avenue West, in Chatham, Ontario.

    *Parking Available

    In Sarnia

    The Sarnia Courthouse is located at 700 N. Christina Street, in Sarnia, Ontario

    *Parking Available

    In Sault Ste. Marie

    The Sault Ste. Marie Courthouse is located at 426 Queen St. E., in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

    *Parking Available

  • Custody and Bail

    How Can I Help Someone In Custody?

    The best thing you can do for your friend or loved one is contact Bobby Russon at Windsor Criminal Law immediately. He will immediately begin working towards their release.

    How Do I Make Bail?

    Once you contact Bobby Russon, we will begin either negotiating a consent release with the prosecutor, or planning a bail hearing if they refuse to consent.

    What is a Bail Surety?

    Surety can be seen much like a co-signer on a loan or purchase. The courts may want to hold some type of assurance that you will appear when necessary and follow your bail conditions. This is where a third party or “surety” is needed, someone willing to supervise and vouch for your word that all conditions and appearances will be made. A surety makes a promise to pay a sum if the accused fails to comply with the conditions of his release.

    Cash Deposits

    It is a common misconception that Bail in Canada requires a large cash deposit. While cash can be a consideration, it is uncommon. Typically, Bail instead involves a promise of cash, dependent on the accused complying with conditions.