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DUI / Over 80


The Ontario DUI and over 80 penalties are severe
Do you know your legal rights?

A DUI or Over 80 charge is serious. Whether It’s just one drink or one too many, if you’ve chosen to drive after a night out and are pulled over with a blood alcohol level of 50-80mgs, your license could be suspended on the spot. Even worse, if your blood alcohol level is over 80 mgs you will be arrested and charged with a DUI.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Windsor, Sarnia, Chatham, or Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario you need a criminal lawyer that knows how to defend your rights.

In such confusing times you may not fully understand your rights and what trouble you may face. Your first meeting with Bobby Russon and WIndsor Criminal Law is always free. Bobby will take the time to fully explain what your charges mean and how they can affect your quality of life.

If you’re found guilty in the Province of Ontario for a DUI or over 80 charge you will lose your license for a minimum of one year, face a minimum of a $1000 fine, and now own a criminal record that will follow you for life, but with the right defence, those charges can disappear, or be dramatically reduced.

“Drinking and driving” charges are some of the most common criminal charges, yet they are still some of the most complicated charges you could face. If you are faced with any of these charges, the smartest thing to do is seek immediate legal help from a Windsor criminal lawyer who knows the laws and can help fight for your rights.

Bobby Russon will help you through every aspect of your DUI charge, from what steps to take next, to helping you fight for winning results.